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The Mercury Centre is a research centre, part financed by the European Development Fund, that aims to support the Yorkshire and Humber region's economic development by enabling industry to secure a globally leading position through faster time to market for new sectors.

The creation of the Centre arises from the global developments in powder-based manufacturing and demand for more sophisticated products made with radically improved resource-efficiency. Powder-based manufacturing encompasses a range of new processes such as high-speed sintering, additive-layer, and entrained-jet manufacturing. Our equipment includes Additive Layer Manufacture, Deep Repair, Aerosol Jet Deposition, Spark Plasma Sintering, Metal Injection Moulding and Advanced Materials Characterisation. These new manufacturing technologies, offer novel material and product  enhancement, repair of components, or addresses the need for components with more sophisticated functionality, such as mechanical properties, biological / electronic surface functionality

The powder-based processes draw upon an established expertise of engineering capabilities and developments at the University of Sheffield. Bringing these together into the Mercury Centre de-risks and accelerates the potential for industrial partners to exploit these technologies.  We combine production-scale manufacturing equipment with a powerful suite of analytical facilities to understand the development, including world-leading electron microscopy. The processes are able to work with a spectrum of materials: including advanced metals, ceramics, functionally graded materials, electronic materials, polymers and biomaterials. This importantly allows us to work across different industrial sectors, accelerating the deployments by transferring experience from one sector to another.