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Offering a range of advanced design, manufacturing and analytical services

The Mercury Centre offers a range of advanced design, manufacturing and analysis services from computer modelling of products and manufacturing processes, through to the manufacture of components and materials characterisation for structure and properties.

By providing industry with access to the latest knowledge and technology in advanced manufacturing, the Centre reduces risk and accelerates the potential for industry partners and SME’s to exploit these new manufacturing technologies.

The Mercury Centre; based within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The University of Sheffield, was created in response to the global developments in advanced manufacturing. The Mercury Centre staff form a multidisciplinary team that provides a unique combination of expertise in the area of innovative materials and manufacturing. This unique combination of technical expertise and production facilities provides industry with the opportunity to pursue pre-production testing.

We deliver benefits to a number of industrial sectors such as; automotive, aerospace, defence, healthcare, green technologies and the creative and design industries.

We are able to work with a broad spectrum of materials: including advanced metals and alloys, ceramics, electronic materials, polymers and biomaterials.

For more details of the equipment we have please visit our facilities page.

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