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Sheffield Formula Racing Launch

We were very excited to attend  the  launch of  the  Sheffield Formula Racing (SFR) team's 2015 car and we wish them every success competing in  Formula Student (FS) at Silverstone on 10 – 12 July 2015.

This year’s Sheffield Formula Racing Student car, SFR6, is a huge step forward for the team and they have made extensive use of advanced manufacturing having printed more than 15 components in titanium and polymers. They have also advanced their use of composites using a carbon fibre impact structure and a carbon fibre with Nomex core seat and firewall. This year’s body is a work of carbon fibre art that has been created from robot machined moulds.

The Mercury Centre has 3D printed lightweight titanium components  for their car including  uprights, brake callipers, gear shifter, pedals and rockers.  Using 3D printing has allowed the development of minimal mass designs, optimised for strength and weight, to tight timescales and with the opportunity to rapidly re-evaluate the printed parts.

Sheffield Formula Racing Team Photo

Watch the team working on their car at  Sheffield Formula Racing YouTube 

Sheffield Formula Racing Launch Event Photos